For everyone who signs up to our payroll service we provide a user friendly information pack with all the details you need, which we go through with you before your set up on our service.

This will include things like what you’re legally required to do as a PA employer such as:

  • Each month/every 4 weeks sending your PA timesheets (or make sure they do it) into payroll so we can process their wages (if you need timesheets contact us on the details below).
  • Each month/every 4 weeks you will need to supply a payslip to each of your employees. This will have details of their hours worked rate/s of pay, all deductions (e.g. Tax, National Insurance, etc.) and all additions (e.g. Statutory Sick Pay, etc).
  • At the end of every financial year you will need to supply a P60 to each of your employees (LCiL will send these to you in April/May of each year).

Once you are set up on our payroll we would strongly recommend that:

  • You and your employees both sign copies of timesheets before they are sent into LCiL each month.
  • You pay your employee the full net pay as shown on the payslips provided by LCiL. (All deductions from wages should be shown on payslip).
  • You pay your employees by bank automated payment (bank statements provide proof of payment).
  • You keep all funding received, including your personal contribution, for your care package in a separate bank account (i.e. separate from your own personal finances)
  • You do not pay your employees wages in cash.
  • If you have to pay out small amounts of cash – make sure your employee/s sign a receipt
  • You keep receipts / invoices for all additional expenditure relating to your care package

Remember – LCiL’s payroll team is here to help you with any payroll related question or issue you have. You can contact us Monday-Friday from 10am-4pm by emailing us directly at: or call us on 0131 475 2350.

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