The PSL Team are delighted to announce an opportunity for volunteers to participate in an upcoming three week training programme to be trained as Peer Co-Facilitators. This programme will go through a series of face to face training sessions aimed to give successful applicants the skills and information they need to succeed as volunteer Peer Support Co-Facilitators within the team at LCiL.

What is peer support?  

Peer support is a way of giving and receiving help (knowledge, emotional assistance or practical help) by understanding others’ situations through shared personal experience.

It’s different from other types of support because the source of support is a person with similar relevant experience.

Peer support is built on respect, empathy, shared responsibility and mutual benefit.

Purpose of the role 

The purpose of a co-facilitator is to work alongside the facilitator to support the group in aspects such as: 

  • Setting up the room before the session 
  • Helping make sure all materials and resources are available 
  • Welcoming people and creating a safe space 
  • Managing time and ensuring people have time to speak if they wish 
  • Sharing relevant lived experience appropriately 


always with the aim of helping people to become more confident, skilled, knowledgeable and resilient. 

The Training Programme

These sessions will provide a grounding in the principles of facilitation and the approach used by LCiL, including:

  • LCiL and its services 
  • the social model of disability  
  • stages of empowerment  
  • peer support in general 
  • practicalities of this role and how you’ll be supported  
  • practicing skills, for example:  
    • active and constructive listening 
    • how to manage boundaries  
    • managing emotions – yours and other people’s 
    • managing endings  
    • support and supervision conversations 

Questions and Answers

Below are some of the most common questions regarding this Peer Facilitator role. Please see the Role Description below for the full Q&A

What does this volunteer role involve?

What sort of skills and interests do I need?

What support will I get in this role?

How to Apply

To apply for this volunteer position with LCiL, please click to download the application form and role description below.

We are currently not taking applications for peer facilitators. This page will be updated as soon as we begin the recruitment process once again with the new submission deadline.

If you have any questions or need support when filling out the application form, please get in touch with us at and we’ll do our best to help!

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