Neighbourhood help

Published: March 23, 2020

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of volunteer groups across the Lothians are coordinating support for vulnerable people who are self-isolating and require support with someone doing their shopping for them, picking up prescriptions and more, even assistance with dog walking.

Below you’ll find some links which you may wish to explore. LCiL are not affiliated with any of these groups and you should use usual caution when it comes to giving out personal details but there are plenty of good people out there looking to offer their support if you feel this is appropriate for you.

For some links, you may need to be signed up to, or willing to sign up to Facebook.

To access the Edinburgh postcode based help requests and help offers groups please, use this Facebook link:

To volunteer and/or ask for help in Dalkeith and Woodburn area, please use this Facebook group:

To volunteer and/or ask for help in Kirkliston area please, use this Facebook group:

To volunteer and/or ask for help in West Lothian please, use this Facebook group:

To register a dog owner whose canine is potentially remaining without support in case of COVID-19 illness or self-isolation please, use this online form but if it’s not yourself then check with the dog owner before registering. This is the form:

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