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Published: October 28, 2015

Dear members, colleagues and friends,


We are currently working on the two areas below and are looking for some real life experiences:


Footway Parking and Double Parking Bill


More information can be found:


The Bill seeks to restrict the obstruction of footways by parked or waiting vehicles and the double parking of vehicles on carriageways. Under current legislation, it is an offence to drive on the footway but the position is less clear with regards to casual or occasional parking.  Specifically, the Bill seeks to prohibit parking on any footway, dropped footway or double parking (where no part of the vehicle is within 50 cm of the edge of the carriageway) on all public roads in built up areas in Scotland.


Have you ever had any problems due to inconsiderate parking?  If so we want to hear from you!  Please contact Iain Smith on 0131 281 0862 or email by 30th October 2015.


Consultation on Draft Order to revise the procedures for complaints about social work


More information can be found:


It would be very useful for us to hear about disabled peoples’ experience of social work complaints – eg how easy/accessible it was, did they get any advocacy or other support to take it forward their complaint, did it satisfactorily resolve the issue. In particular, it would be useful to hear if anyone has attempted to use the complaints procedure to see review a social care assessment, a social care package or social care charges.   If this is you, we would love to hear from you.  Please contact Iain Smith on 0131 281 0862 or email by 30th November 2015.


Please feel free to disseminate throughout your networks.


Many thanks,



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