The Tax Disc is no more:

Published: October 23, 2014

The Tax Disc is no more:                             

You may have heard that from 1 October 2014, the DVLA will no longer be issuing tax discs.

Instead the DVLA will have an electronic record of the tax status of your car and class 3 scooters.

Taxing your car

As part of your Motability lease, they will arrange for your car to be taxed each year for the whole of your lease.


From 1 October 2014, a tax disc will no longer need to be displayed on the windscreen of your car as the DVLA, police and parking inspectors can rely on the DVLA’s electronic vehicle register to check if a car is taxed. Vehicle tax will still need to be arranged, even if your car is exempt from a fee, and we will organise this as part of your worry-free package.

They’ll send you a letter at least a week before the tax on your car is due to expire to let you know they’ve arranged it for another year. If you do not hear from the DVLA or you are sent a Vehicle Registration Document (V5c) or Vehicle Licence Application (V11) from the DVLA, please call their Customer Services team on 0300 456 4566 as soon as possible as this is a good indication that they haven’t been able to tax your car.

Checking your car is taxed

You can check your car’s details online at   Click on ‘check now’ and enter the registration number and make of your car. Alternatively you can call the DVLA on Tel: 0300 790 6802.

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