Scottish Independent Living Fund (ILF)

Published: June 22, 2015

Would you like to know more about the Scottish ILF?

The UK Government made a decision on March 6, 2014, to close the Independent Living Fund (ILF) on June 30, 2015.

However, the Independent Living Fund will continue in Scotland under ILF Scotland as of July 1, 2015. The new ILF Scotland team are based at Denholm House, Livingston.

Current users’ awards in Scotland are to continue as long as they remain eligible.

The work required to make this happen is in two stages:

• The first is to make sure there is a smooth transition of current ILF funding to existing Scottish users
• The second is to focus on a new fund for new users

Would your organisation and service users like to know more about what is happening in Scotland? If so please get in touch with Self-Directed Support Scotland on the details below:

Email –
Phone – 0131 516 4195

You can also read more on the Scottish Government’s website.

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