Scottish Government Consultation

Published: May 4, 2018

On the 30th April the Scottish Government launched its consultation on increasing the Employment of Disabled People in the Public Sector:

This was a commitment made in A Fairer Scotland for Disabled People, and the consultation sets out on-going commitment to support disabled people into sustainable and fair work, as well as to stay in work if their disability or health issues become worse. It focusses specifically on what more can be done to support more disabled people into work in the public sector. But it will also touch on related issues, such as improvement to data collections of staff information, recruitment processes, and support while in work.

The consultation is open from 30th April – 15th August 2018 and is aimed at public sector bodies, Disabled People’s Organisations and disabled people. The Scottish Government will also arrange consultation events around Scotland, and we invite organisations to hold their own events to pull together responses from people they support or represent. Information about this is set out in the consultation document.

If you have any queries please direct them to:




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