Scotland Against The Care Tax

Published: November 6, 2013

Partners in the Independent Living Movement have joined forces to launch a campaign against the care tax in Scotland. 

Over the first three years of the Council Tax freeze, councils across Scotland have made up the shortfall in their incomes by rapidly increasing the amount that they receive in Care Tax from vulnerable adults.  The Care Tax is the proper name for client contributions or charging for non residential community care services.

Scotland Against Care Tax (SACT) believe that community care charges

  • are a breach of the civic and human rights of disabled and older people to live an independent life, free from discrimination; and to enjoy their possessions and their home;
  • are a double form of taxation that places an intolerable burden on disabled and older people and are an inefficient way of providing additional revenue for care serjeffvices

LCiL Chairperson and SACT Campaigner, Jeff Adamson, is speaking about his own personal experience as the campaign takes root across Scotland.  Here you can see him talking about it on STV:

You can read his story here and find out more about the campaign at:

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