Scotland Against Care Tax

Published: November 30, 2017

Why not check out the new Scotland Against the Care Tax Care Charge Calculator.  This online tool will help you see what difference the Scottish Government’s proposed extension of Free Personal Care will make to you and others.   Enter a few simple details in the calculator to get a personal result or just change the council area to see how things vary around the country.

 The Personal Care Calculator   OR

 Early results from the new Personal Care calculator are worrying. It looks like the only gainers from Free Personal Care are

• Those with high levels of savings

• Those with a high net weekly wage.

• Those with “other care” hours of 4 or less

Those who need most support will be the ones who see no difference in their care charges. 

Help Scotland Against Care Tax gather more evidence by testing your own position with the calculator.  That way we can support the Scottish Government in better designing this important policy so that it makes a difference to as many people as possible who pay charges for personal care.

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