Robert MacPherson

Published: January 10, 2018

‘On Hogmanay LCiL lost a close friend, a Champion and a Board Member. Robert Macpherson was a gentle man, passionate and committed to disabled people’s rights. He was a great supporter of LCiL and the work that we do. His passion was not only obvious to those close to him but to everyone who heard him speak as an LCiL Champion, where he often spoke of his own positive personal experiences of support.

Robert was also committed to volunteering for his housing association and dedicated his later life to keeping the Lanfine Unit (an NHS Lothian respite venue) open, explaining very clearly how he, and other people with neurological conditions, benefited from this hospital-based and medical support to better manage their care and life in the community. Robert was always very honest and open when questioning the circumstances of the Lanfine Unit closure.

Robert was also very candid about his support and how the quality, and number of hours, of support he received enabled him to live a good and fulfilled life.

Through his dry sense of humour, his charm, his forthright and honest opinions (in other words, calling a spade a shovel!) and his positive outlook on life, Robert touched many of us profoundly and we are missing him tremendously.’

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