Personal Experiences of Self-directed Support Survey

Published: October 14, 2016

The ALLIANCE wants to hear about your experiences of Self-directed Support.

The Survey closes on 16th November 2016

Following the Scottish Government’s publication of data in June this year

about the number of people accessing SDS in Scotland, the ALLIANCE aims to add the voice and views of people experiencing SDS to existing research on social care. We intend to use the experiences you share to work with the Scottish Government and Local Authorities to improve the way that SDS is implemented.

We would like to invite anyone who has experience of applying for or who access Self-directed Support to share their stories of managing their support to live independently by following this link;

The ALLIANCE is also keen to hear from people who would like to take part in face-to-face interviews to find out more about their experiences of SDS. Should they wish do so, they can contact me at

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