Opening Doors – animated film about the power of advocacy

Published: March 10, 2016

A new animated film “Opening Doors” is now available online following the official launch on Friday the 4th of March at the Glasgow Film Theatre. The film is presented by the Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance and is available on their website. Click here to visit

The animation is available in a number of languages and formats including BSL.

Opening Doors is based on real stories of actual families in Scotland and is the fruit of a three-year ‘Families at Risk’ project funded by the Scottish Government Third Sector Early Intervention Fund managed by the Big Lottery.

Parents with learning disability, mental health issues and/or drug and alcohol problems are disproportionately likely to lose their children. However, evidence demonstrates that early intervention by independent advocacy can help bring better outcomes for families.

The animation aims to raise awareness about the power of advocacy for such families in difficult circumstances who are at risk of having their children taken into care.

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