Mr Buchart

In July 2018, Mr Butchart was contacted by DWP (Department for Work and Pensions) about his Disability Living Allowance (DLA) being replaced by Personal Independence Payment (PIP).  At the time, he was also receiving treatment for cancer. The Grapevine service had previously helped his companion and he was keen to use the service for himself.  The Advisor completed his PIP application, referencing various medical evidence and supporting letters that LCiL supported him to gather. A referral was also made to the LCiL Independent Living Support (ILS) so that Mr Butchart could discuss support options at home and arrange a social care assessment.

Mr Butchart then received a letter from the DWP stating that they had all the information they required for his PIP application, which was a massive relief for Mr Butchart who was still undergoing cancer treatment.

In November 2018, Mr Butchart contacted Grapevine to confirm that he had been awarded the enhanced rate PIP for both daily living and mobility. This is the highest rate possible under the new benefit and Mr Butchart is now receiving an additional £148.85 per week.

He described his experience of using the Grapevine service:

Grapevine have provided both my companion and I with support over the years and have always provided constructive help. They are very competent, knowledgeable and experienced and have given us the support to deal with ‘the system’.  Getting Grapevine’s recent help with my transfer from DLA to PIP has provided a relief due to my own cancer treatment. The continuation of this benefit is essential as it pays for household and personal support needs, which are essential to keep me out of residential care.  I am also in touch with ILS about my social care needs.  Having an integrated service is so important when experiencing health problems.

Mr Buchart
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