Midlothian Transport Guide 2018

Published: May 17, 2018

The guide to transport in Midlothian has been produced by Forward Mid – Midlothian’s Disability Equality Forum, (with appreciation of co–working with Midlothian Council Travel Team).

Transport can be such an essential component in determining the day to day quality of people’s lives. Whether it be a trip to see a good friend, getting along to a local group or club or attending an appointment at the hospital or GP surgery, getting there efficiently and safely can be so important. Suitable transport can be a contributor to overall good health and well-being. Every person’s needs differ so we have tried to collate as much information from individual companies and their services. It’s not easy to find all the correct information in one place.

What we’ve done is bring together all the various transport options and choices that are available across Midlothian. For more information click here.




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