Hydro-therapy pools briefing NHS Lothian

Published: March 5, 2015

This briefing has been circulated by NHS Lothian and may be of interest to those who access or would like to access hydro-therapy pools via the health service.  We will keep people up to date with developments on a review when we hear more:

NHS Lothian has recently been contacted by members of the public about a current review of hydrotherapy services, and an article appeared in the local press prompted by a press release from an interested group in Edinburgh.

As part of NHS Lothian’s strategic plan and vision for the future of healthcare in Lothian, we are evaluating a wide range of services, including the clinical use of hydrotherapy pools which are managed by the physiotherapy service.

Physiotherapists assess in-patients and refer them for hydrotherapy if this form of treatment is appropriate.  Out-patient referrals are accepted from other physiotherapists who have undertaken appropriate assessments.

Our review of this service is currently in the early stages. This involves: gathering information on costs and usage of the hydrotherapy pools; up-to-date clinical evidence and models of best practice; and exploring a range of alternative ways of working, including potential partners for joint provision of pools. We understand that some third sector organisations are already currently accessing hydrotherapy pools in various Council-run schools as well as privately owned pools across Lothian.

Any future decision about the service will be informed by this review, and in consultation with stakeholders. This consultation will involve people who have shown an interest in the future of the pools, including third sector organisations and will take place once our initial fact-finding has been completed.

Anne Jepson

NHS Lothian

24 February 2015

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