Grapevine news – report on Personal Independence Payment Review

Published: January 7, 2015

This report sees Paul Gray examine all the evidence and feedback which was sought from those with experience of Personal Independence Payment (PIP) in the Summer of 2014 (Link to report as PDF here)

Grapevine in partnership with Inclusion Scotland hosted a consultation event for those we had assisted to claim the benefit in August 2014.  A report from this event can be read on the Consultation and Reponses section of the E-library 

The report highlights some of the key issues in the new system which is administering PIP, the replacement benefit for Disability Living Allowance (DLA) including: delays, backlogs and inconsistencies with how the DWP and medical professionals will take additional evidence into account when making a decision about an individual’s entitlement to the benefit.

It also gives details of the numbers who have made new claims to PIP – 55% of those have been awarded a payment which is higher than the UK government expected, however there are still some who are waiting for decisions.

In addition 79% of existing DLA claimants who have been reassessed under PIP have been granted an award.

It is apparent from feedback from over 800 individuals and agencies that much work has to be done on training those conducting the assessments on the criteria they use, specifically around how they take into account whether someone can do something ‘reliably’, the use of aids and adaptations and Activity 11 of the Mobility Component which takes into account planning and following journeys.

It also points to the huge challenge that awaits when in October 2015 the full national reassessment of all DLA claimants will begin for PIP.

If you or someone you know would like more information on PIP, including eligibility, how to make a claim and assistance with completing a claim form contact Grapevine, the Lothian Disability Information Service on 0131 475 2370 (Mon-Thu, 10am-4pm) or email:

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