COVID-19 vaccinations for Personal Assistants and vaccination scam messages

Published: January 7, 2021

The Scottish Government identifies Personal Assistants as key workers who will, therefore, be eligible for COVID-19 vaccination along with other frontline health and social care workers.

LCiL has been in communication with the four Lothian local authorities and the Scottish Government regarding COVID-19 vaccinations and the availability of regular testing for Personal Assistants.

As soon as we have further information on vaccination and/or regular testing we will share this with our service users.

In the meantime, please be advised that we have been advised by one local authority of a scam text message which has been received by some health and social care workers.

This message, supposedly originating from NHS read: “We have identified that you are eligible to apply for your vaccine. For more information and to apply, follow here” there is then a link to a webpage which has the NHS logo as a heading and also the request to give bank details as a way to “prove ownership of address”.

Thankfully in this instance the social care worker realised it was a scam and notified their employer and the local authority have asked us to share this information with our service users.

Please be aware that you may receive similar messages which are designed to prey on the anxieties and concerns we all have at this time in relation to the pandemic. Think carefully before giving out any personal information online, by text or by phone.

If you have concerns about scam calls, emails, texts or callers you can report this to Police Scotland using the 101 number. For more information visit;

Again, as soon as LCiL has information from local or national government on testing and vaccination we will share this with our service users as a matter of priority.

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