Adult Disability Payment

Published: August 18, 2022

Adult Disability Payment will soon be replacing Personal Independence Payments in Scotland. Read on to find out how you may be affected.

In 2022 Social Security Scotland introduced a new benefit called Adult Disability Payment (ADP) to replace the existing Personal Independence Payments (PIP).

ADP will be available for new applications nationally in Scotland from the 29th of August 2022.

We understand that the introduction of a new benefit to replace PIP may cause some worry. Below we have listed some frequently asked questions about Adult Disability Payment. You can also get in touch with the Grapevine Team directly to find out more.

Call: 0131 475 2370


Advice line is open Monday – Friday 10am-4pm

Frequently Asked Questions

I am currently claiming PIP and live in Scotland. Do I need to do anything?

Will my payments change?

Is the new application process for Adult Disability Payment different?

Is support available for Adult Disability Payment?

Where can I find out more about Adult Disability Payment?



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