2015-16 Annual Report

Published: December 15, 2016

LCIL are please to present our 2015-16 annual report, with information about the organisation including direct quotes from our service users. A full publication of the audited accounts is available here:

ANNUAL REPORT 2015-16 final

Some highlights from the financial year 2015-16 include:

  • Grapevine Disability Information Service received 5,511 enquiries for advice and information from 1,198 individuals and organisations in Edinburgh, East Lothian and Midlothian. A further 234 people received information/advice via outreach presentations. Grapevine raised a total of £4,938 in weekly income across 78 benefit claimants in Edinburgh i.e. successful awards.
  • During its third year of operation the SDS Development Programme continued to be an integral part of LCiL, but its focus changed in response to changes in levels of engagement with local authorities.
  • During this period: Champions took part in 27 events, 16 of which involved two or more Champions. The parent and carer peer support group met 12 times, and 8 workshop sessions were held. We ran 12 workshop sessions with disabled people and went on to offer a monthly peer support group, which met 7 times. We worked with 33 disabled people/people with long-term conditions.
  • In 2015-16 the Living and Work Choices programme offered: 5 ‘Living & Work Choices’ 4-day courses resulting in 68 participants completing the course, 3 ‘Essential Employers Skills’ 3-day courses including a young people’s day. 20 participants completed the course. There were 22 free places on the Training for PAs courses.
  • The Independent Living Service supported a total of 551 people (64 more than last year) with exploring their self-directed support options, arranging their support and/or recruiting personal assistants. We worked with 60 people in Midlothian, 125 in West Lothian, 76 in East Lothian and 290 in Edinburgh.
  • The training service ran 4 PA courses with 27 people participating. Another 53 people had the opportunity to learn or be challenged on their perception of disability and disabled people through 7 sessions of Disability Equality Training. 20 PA employers attended a variety of courses relevant to Independent Living, through its Pick & Mix project.
  • Demand for The Payroll Service grew by 17%. 609 disabled employers made use of it. The Financial Management Service (FMS), saw an increase in demand. During the period, a total of 126 (payroll service users accessed this support. A further 28 (non-payroll) service users also took up the FMS to engage with agency support and or make other payments from their SDS budgets.
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