Job reference: SD IMC WL

Area: West Lothian
Working pattern: Part-time
Closing date: Open
Rate of pay: £9.50


We are looking for a PA to assist our daughter – aged 19 – with day-to-day functional tasks and to promote and develop her independence in daily living skills.

You will be required to follow support plans and guidance from parents to encourage and assist her with essential tasks as well as following the direction of our daughter to support her in activities of interest to develop core skills.

Encouragement / prompting to follow daily routines and maintain structure to her days is essential.


In addition, we are looking for a further PA or PAs to support the other 3 children aged 17, 15 and 12 via weekly activity break (individually)- which should entail a mix of activities within the community as well as in their home environment to improve their social and communication skills, mental health and wellbeing as well as encourage and develop independent living skills as age/stage appropriate.


Skills & Requirements

Previous experience working with individuals with

  • Autism
  • Attention Deficit and Processing difficulties
  • Sensory Differences
  • Mental Health Difficulties esp. – Social Anxiety / Generalised Anxiety and Tics Disorders
  • Selective Mutism
  • Awareness of the physical limitations of Painful hypermobility
  • Awareness of learning difficulties / Cognitive
  • Epilepsy and other medical / health

Previous experience as a PA is not necessary though would be desirable.

Any experience in mindfulness and relaxation techniques will be beneficiary to the young people.

Other Attributes

  • Friendly, kind and calm demeanour
  • Very Patient and a good listener
  • Comfortable taking the young person out into the community
  • Comfortable assisting the young person in their own home with selected tasks
  • Good organisation and planning skills
  • Flexible and adaptable to the environment and situation
  • Good Time Management
  • Willing to take Direction from Employer

A full driving licence is beneficial for accessing community services with the young person.  However, is not essential.

Main roles

  • Encouraging and motivating young person to engage in daily routine
  • Encouraging and motivating young person to engage in productive activities to boost self-esteem / confidence
  • Support to access community and community services – including use of public transport.
  • Support to engage in social and recreational activities – as possible examples these may include cinema, eating out, coffee shops or the gym as well as support during clubs.
  • Support with daily living tasks at home – for example meal preparation
  • Support with planning and organising of their day / activities in the week ahead
  • Emotional Support and reassurance
  • Liaison with main care givers (parents) regarding progress
  • May also be required at times to feedback/ liaise with external agencies on behalf of the young person’s support needs

Hours and Availability

  • Young Person 1 :- 5 Hours per week (Across 2 days – Tuesdays, Thursdays and / or Fridays – as young person attends another day service Mondays and Wednesdays)

The other children will need their hours predominately after school

  • Young person 2 :– 3 hours per week (6 hours during school breaks)
  • Young Person 3 :– 3 Hours per week (6 hours during school breaks)
  • Young Person 4 :– 3 hours per week (6 hours during school breaks)

In Addition to these hours there are also hours for parent / carer for respite and general support managing the day to day support needs.   These hours include occasional overnights to allow parents respite together.

The overall hours available for supporting Mum is 7 hours per week plus respite hours for up to 10 overnights per year. There is some flexibility however in the distribution of these hours.

Accumulatively the total hours per week are-

Term Time (40 weeks per year) = 21 hours

School Holidays (12 weeks per year) = 30 hours

Plus additional overnight respite



This post will offer the successful candidate a lot of variation in their daily roles.  The young person/ people have several different interests and talents between them and you will need to be able to capture each individual on that basis to encourage their engagement and motivation to participate – such as

  • Art and Design – Sketching, Anime, Painting, Fashion Design and Sewing, other crafts
  • Anime and Sci-fi movies
  • Reading and Writing
  • Gardening and botany
  • Animals and Animal Welfare
  • Video Gaming
  • Music
  • Sports/ Gym
  • Cinema
  • Cooking / Baking

Each week may offer a different variety of activities and roles to work towards reaching their desired outcomes across a range of skills and abilities.


  • Pay £9.50 per hour (council standard rate)
  • 6 weeks Paid Annual Leave (pro rata)
  • Employer uses LCiL for support with PAYE and Contracts / Legal requirements
  • Pension Contribution where applicable
  • PVG checks expensed by employer
  • Insurance paid by employer

Other Information

The home has a number of pets and so someone who enjoys animals would be beneficial.

We would be happy to offer this in full to one PA or split the hours appropriately between 2 or more applicants. Please get in touch if either of these options interest you.

How to apply


If this post is of interest to you, please contact

Sylvia Davidson   – Text or call – 07447915176

Thank you

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