Job reference: JN ZM CEC

Area: City of Edinburgh
Working pattern: Full-time | Part-time | Zero-Hours
Closing date: Open
Rate of pay: £13 per hour

I live with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, but I refuse to let it define me.


I’m a passionate man with many interests, including going to the theatre and gigs, films, politics, and disability issues. I particularly enjoy trad music and learning Gaelic. I hope to return to my online university studies next year. I enjoy conversations about anything from the day’s issues to philosophical questions. I also enjoy discussing the most random subjects, such as what if ostriches could fly or if pineapple belongs on pizza (it does not).


My sense of humour can be dark, dry, savage, or silly, depending on what I see or hear. If you’re easily offended, this job isn’t for you. But we will get along great if you can laugh at yourself and others.


A Personal Assistant is employed to support me in living how way I choose. To be my arms and legs. Getting the right assistance when I need it allows me to achieve my goals and lead my life independently. You’ll enable me to do this by listening to what I want and following my instructions. It is, therefore, vital that an employee has excellent communication and listening skills.


You’ll be joining a growing team of PAs, who will provide my 24-hour once fully established.


I have will have tracheostomy soon once my 24-hour care is in place. Don’t be put off by this – qualified nurses will train you.


The job also involves moving and assisting/use of a hoist etc. Training will be provided in the form of shadowing my current PAs.


You don’t need to be strong to do the job well, but good health is important. After a period of familiarisation with the duties, you will be required to assist me with the following tasks, sometimes without close supervision. The post holder will therefore need to be able to work on their own initiative whilst at the same time being respectful of my wishes.


You’ll be working with me alone most of the time. However, you’ll be working alongside other PAs at times for example for showering or if I want to take a trip outside Edinburgh.


I have a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, which PAs can be insured to drive.


If you’re looking for a job that will challenge you, make you laugh, and help you make a difference in the world, this job is for you.


The job involves assisting me with a variety of tasks. Like most people, my day varies, so it isn’t possible to list every task that a Personal Assistant expects. These tasks will be shared among the team.


Tasks could include:


Personal Tasks

· Assistance me with showering / washing / brushing teeth / brushing hair / shaving / toileting.

· Assisting me with dressing and undressing.

· Using a hoist to lift me.

· Assistance me getting into/out of bed.

· Positioning me in bed or my wheelchair.

· Assistance with eating, drinking, and taking medication.

· Assistance with non-invasive ventilation.

· Eventual tracheostomy care.



Domestic Tasks

· Making and changing my bed.

· Keeping my bathroom clean.

· Preparing my meals, snacks, and drinks.

· Washing dishes, kitchen equipment etc. used for my meals.

· Washing and drying and ironing my clothes.

· Keeping my bedroom and living clean and tidy.

· Assisting me with shopping.

· Assistance to look after my dog.

· Watering my plants if I have any.


Social Tasks

· Helping me to go to pubs, cinema, theatre, museums, gigs and social events with or without friends.

· Assistance me to attend classes/courses.

· Assistance while on day trips.

· Assistance when going out for a walk (roll).

· Shopping for pleasure.

· Assistance with other leisure activities and hobbies, e.g., using games consoles using my record player.

· Assistance with correspondence and general admin: phone calls, holding letters for me to read, printing, filling in and copying forms.

· Assist me with any voluntary work commitments I might have.



· Helping me on public transport.

· Driving my accessible car (if you drive).

· Strapping my wheelchair into my car.


Other Tasks

· Basic upkeep of my wheelchair, e.g., charging, inflating/deflating cushion).

· Alerting me to faulty equipment or household appliances.

· Pushing my manual wheelchair if my power chair breaks down.

· Any other reasonable task.


The rate of pay is £13 per hour.


Full-time, 35-hour and part-time contracts are available.


Contracted hours include waking nights, during which you need to stay awake.


Shifts could be any day Monday – Sunday. Non-sleepover shift times could occur between 8 am and 11 pm. Sleepover and waking night hours are between 11pm and 8am.


There may be occasional sleepover shifts required. The rate of pay for sleepovers is £10.81 per hour and is supplementary to contracted hours.


4-week rotas are agreed upon between us and my other PAs.

How to apply

To apply please send in your CV and a cover letter that makes reference to the criteria outlined in the job description or complete the Application pack JN ZM CEC and send to or post to LCIL VZM 22 Recruitment, Norton Park, 57 Albion Road, Edinburgh, EH7 5QY.

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